About Us / Bottling Plant

Villa d’Equilibrium is more than just a bottling plant. The Villa and the verdant surrounding stands beautifully on the southern slope of Mt. Salak (2211 meter above sea level), on the island of Java. Radiating the Grecco-Roman architecture, but yet breathing out the Oriental culture, the Villa is an icon of equilibrium. Harmony with nature is portrayed by its perfect 10 geomancy (Fengshui) score. Visitors can easily feel the serenity and peacefulness created by the Yin-Yang balance in the sprawling bottling plant.

The production plant itself is a showcase of the state-of-the-arts modern bottling equipment efficiently controlled by computers. The quality management  is ISO and HACCP certified by international certification bodies.

There is also an Arts Gallery at the lobby entrance displaying various works created by a team of prominent local artists , with a single unified theme ---  EQUILIBRIUM.